15 August 2015

Homework Help

Welcome back from Summer!  Hope everyone had a great time and is ready for a fantastic school year.
 One of our favorite sites Common Sense Media has just released recommended Homework help sites and Note- Taking Apps for kids.  Check it out and let us know which ones you liked.

12 December 2014

Are you seeing the big picture?

Another repost from our developing MYP library media blog.

Are you seeing the big picture?
Check out this great history website over Winter break.  "From the Big Bang to modern day, to where we are going in the future, Big History covers it all."

Curious?  Click on the video below to learn more.

10 December 2014

Thank you.....

ISOCS  Library Volunteers 2014
A very big thank you to all these wonderful library volunteers.  They have helped make the library a more efficient and beautiful place.  Thank you Janice, Yoko, Joanne, Miyoko, Annabel and Tammy.

-Jacquelyn Else-Jack

On behalf of the Teenage Brain.

Here is a repost from the  MYP Library Media blog.  Although it's still under development there are many interesting articles and links for Teens and parents alike.  

Winter break is fast approaching.  Although the Holidays are a truly wonderful time of year, many may find that increased family time with teens can be a challenge.  
Last year we reviewed and even read in class Don't Blame me Blame my Brain by Nicola Morgan
This is a great book to read aloud with your teen.  There is also a workbook available.

Here are two more great books, reviewed byThe Greater Good Science Center at UCB

The cultural view that impulsive teen behavior is due to “raging hormones” is outdated and just plain wrong. These two books explain what’s actually going on in teens’ lives and what we can do to support and nurture them on their path to adulthood. 
Their advice rests on what scientists now understand about the human brain and teen development. During adolescence, the brain starts to become more efficient by “pruning” out neural connections that are less needed, making adolescence a period of both great neural reorganization and creativity.
Happy Holidays!

05 December 2014

'In Tents' Intense Reading Fun

The library has been taken over by tents.   There was an igloo tent, a beach tent, outdoor camping tent, circus tent and of course a fairytale tent.  The tents were filled with theme appropriate books and props to help bring the reading experience alive.  The children had fun discovering books through this 'In Tents' experience as you can see from the pictures.

04 October 2014

A book recommendation for the Middle School Students.

Two plugs today... 
If anyone in the middle school is looking for a fantastic book to read over vacation get yourself a copy of Alexie's The absolutely True Diary of a Part -Time Indian.
The following review is from Scmoop.com (my second plug) which still continues to amuse me to no end. 
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a novel about hope, about who has it and who doesn't, and about how hard life can be when hope leaves. And how life can change when hope reappears.
Arnold Spirit, Jr. is a stuttering hydrocephalic living on an impoverished Indian reservation where he is routinely bullied and beaten up. His parents are alcoholics, his sister is a hermit recluse, and his best friend is abused by his father.
Kind of sounds like he should give up and call it a day, right?
Nope...  read the book to find out why.